Thank you for your interest in the Drill Till™ garden maintenance tool. We are a small company that is still getting started which results in a great deal of people trying to contact us about the Drill Till™. Unfortunately, there are only so many of us and your call may occasionally be sent to our voicemail. We apologize for this, and will do our best to quickly get back to everyone who tries to contact us.

We can assure you this is a temporary situation, and we are hiring staff in preparation for adding phone lines to help take orders and answer questions. Until we have everything in place and a staff that is adequately trained, we hope that you'll be understanding and contact us by email so we can help with any questions or concerns in a timely fashion.

If you still need to contact us via phone, our number is (320) 287-2542.

Building a small company from an entirely new idea has been a thrill ride for us, but it's also been much harder than we ever expected. Luckily, the Drill Till™ has been a HUGE success and allowed us to pursue our goal of creating a business that not only provides customers with a superior product, but also allowed us to put Americans to work.

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