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Where is the Drill Till™ designed?

The entire Drill Till™ garden maintenance tool was designed and prototyped right here in the United States at our Metal Stamping Facility in Minnesota.

Do I need a cordless drill to use the Drill Till™?

Yes, the Drill Till™ is designed to work with a cordless powered drill or cordless screwdriver of at least 12volts.

How do I change heads?

Visit our instructions page to see a detailed video on how to attach the Drill Till™ electric drill attachments to your powered drill or cordless screwdriver. Our video also gives you instructions of switching from the dirt tiller to our Weed-Out tool or our Hole Digger tool. Instructions Page

Can I dig holes with the Tilling Head?

No, we don't advise digging holes with the dirt tiller head. It is designed to penetrate the soil 1.5 inches deep. For digging large holes, we recommend using the Hole Digger to steadily make a larger hole.

Can I use the Drill Till™ in rocky soil?

Yes, our Drill Till™ is made from sturdy steel that can handle many soil conditions, however if you plan to work in a rocky soil, we ask that you take caution. We always advise that you wear closed toe shoes while using the Drill Till™ as your safety is important to us.

What is your guarantee and refund policy?

Check out our guarantee and return policy page to find a detailed description of our policy. If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Return Policy