Drill Till

Drill Till

Drill Till


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The Drill Till is the ideal garden tool for tilling beds, planting, and weeding.

  • The Drill Till allows you to tend to your garden from a standing position.
  • Reduce the strain on your back from bending over.
  • Till the soil, pull weeds, and dig holes — all with one tool!
  • Attaches easily to a power drill or electric screwdriver.

The days of bending down and straining your back and knees are over! The Drill Till comes with power drill attachments that fit right into a standard drill or electric screwdriver. Now you can complete all of your garden maintenance from a standing position. Getting rid of weeds in the garden, tilling the soil, and digging holes has never been easier!

The Drill Till comes with all of the drill pieces you need to get the job done, making it a staple for every gardener’s tool set.

What’s Included:

  • Tilling head
  • Hole digger
  • Weed-out
  • 1 Attachment Rod & 1 Extension Rod
  • Wrench
  • All hardware needed for assembly
  • Ships in three to five business days
  • Model #DT-100