How To Get Your Garden Ready For Planting

Now that spring is finally around the corner, it’s time to start preparing your garden for new plants. While it’s important to keep up the maintenance all year, spring is the most important season for your garden.

Thinking about all the work you need to do to get your garden ready for spring may cause you to groan and moan, especially when you think about spending hours kneeling on the ground. Working in the garden can cause you to have aches and pains that you would rather live without. Luckily, with the Drill Till™, garden maintenance is easy! Our electric drill attachments are easy to use, affordable, and they eliminate the need to dig through the garden on your hands and knees. Learn more about the Drill Till™ and get yours today!

In today’s post, we will discuss the steps you need to take to ensure that your garden is ready for spring planting. Once you’ve finished reading, visit our store to add the Drill Till™ to your gardener’s tool set.

Clear Away Debris

If you already have an existing garden, you probably spread leaves over the ground to protect the soil during the winter. Before you start any work, it’s a good idea to clear away any old leaves or tarps that you may have used to provide the soil with as much added warmth as possible. It’s a good idea to do this as soon as possible instead of waiting for the weather to become completely warm. You never know when your spring bulbs or other perennials may decide to spring from the ground. Once you’ve raked up all the leaves, you should have a clear plot of dirt that you can turn into a beautiful garden.

Start Seeds Indoors

Starting your seeds indoors can provide you with many benefits. Many gardeners choose to go to nurseries and buy seedlings, which can cost a lot of money depending on how many plants you plan on buying. By starting your seeds indoors, not only can you put your green thumb to good use while the temperatures outside are still cold, but you also provide yourself with a leg up on the growing season. Instead of buying seedlings at a nursery or waiting weeks for your seeds to sprout outside, you’ll have plenty of home-grown seedlings to plant once the weather is warm and your garden is ready.

Start A Compost Pile

Compost is a great way to provide your soil with extra nutrients. This part of the process can be started as early as you want. Not only will you be helping the environment, but you’ll also be providing your plants with extra nutrients that can help them grow bigger and better than ever! Not to mention, you’ll save the few bucks you would spend on buying a bag of manufactured fertilizer.

Prep Your Tools

Every artist needs the right tools, and a gardener is no exception. Supply yourself with all the shovels, clippers, and pruning shears you will need to get the job done. Once you gather your tools, check the sharpness. Dull blades will only make the work more tedious and excruciating, therefore it’s important that all of your tools are sharp and working properly.

Prepare The Soil

Every gardener knows that you can’t plant your seeds or seedlings until the soil is ready. At this point, you’ve already cleared away any leaves or debris that accumulated over the winter. While you may think that cleared soil is ready for plants, you would be wrong. The next step is to till the soil. This process is done in order to mix up the nutrients and bring moist, nutrient-rich soil to the surface. When you make a cake, you wouldn’t add all the ingredients to the bowl and put it in the oven without mixing it first. The same goes for the soil in your garden. It’s important to mix up the soil in order to give your plants all the nutrients they need.

Previously, this step in the process may have required hours of laborious work. Luckily, with the Drill Till™, all you have to do is attach the rod and tiller attachment to your standard electric drill. Once you engage the power, the tiller attachment will till the soil without any strenuous work on your part. Gone are the days of aches and pains from hours spent in the garden. Whether you are digging holes, tilling the soil, or weeding, the Drill Till™ is a must-have item for your gardener’s tool set. Buy yours today!

Give The Gift Of Drill Till™ This Valentine's Day

Now that February is upon us, many people are thinking about what to give their loved one for Valentine’s Day. While the standard gift of flowers or candy may suffice for some, those who want to go above and beyond might choose a gift that better fits their sweetheart’s personality or interests.

If your special someone loves to spend hours in the garden, the Drill Till™ makes the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day. This handy tool is an excellent addition to every gardener’s tool set! With the Drill Till™ and a standard drill or powered screwdriver, you can use the electric drill attachments to help you till the soil, pull weeds, and dig holes for new plants. Not only will your loved one avoid the aches and pains of bending over in the garden for hours, but the tedious tasks that used to take hours will now take minutes! Order your Drill Till™ online today or check out our website to watch videos, read instructions, and more!

In today’s post, we will give you a few ideas for gifts to give your partner this Valentine’s Day. However, if you think your loved one would enjoy a Drill Till­™, order online!

A Trip To The Spa

Does your sweetheart work hard to support the family? A great way to show your appreciation for everything he or she does is to gift them with a trip to the spa. A day of pampering and relaxation can do wonders, especially if while they’re away you take on daily tasks like cooking and cleaning. If you’re looking for a gift that will allow you to do something together, why not book a spa day for both of you? You could get treatments as a couple or you could both do separate treatments and walk away feeling more refreshed and relaxed than ever before.

Personalized Gift

Your special someone is unique in his or her own way, so why not create a gift as unique as they are? There are endless DIY projects that would make a perfect Valentine’s gift. From handcrafted furniture to a framed photograph, no item is too big or too small. The best part about personalized gifts is putting together something that fits your partner’s interests.

Coupon Book

If you’re trying to save money this Valentine’s Day, you can’t go wrong with a coupon book. Use your best arts and crafts skills and put together a book filled with chores or activities that your loved one can cash in on all year round. Things like taking out the trash, a date night, or a foot massage would make great contributions to your coupon book!

Drill Till™

Spring is just around the corner, meaning that soon your loved one will be out in the garden tilling the soil, weeding, and digging holes for all the new plants he or she plans to add. Tending the garden can be backbreaking work, and unless you’ve booked a day at the spa or one of your coupons is for a back massage, you may have to listen to your spouse complain about how much they hurt. However, if you buy your loved one the Drill Till™, tilling the soil, weeding, and digging new holes will be easier than ever before! With a standard drill or powered screwdriver and the Drill Till™ power drill attachments, you can do all those burdensome tasks from a standing position, relieving your partner of unnecessary back pain.

The Drill Till™ is the perfect tool for every gardener’s tool kit. Check out our website for videos, reviews, and more, and order your Drill Till™ for your sweetheart for Valentine’s Day now!
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